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Queue up emails to be sent with a delay using an http post.

Clone & Install

npm install

Copy & Configure mail command.

cp lib/emailQueue/mailConfig.json.sample lib/emailQueue/mailConfig.json

Currently mail/mailx and mutt are supported. Mac usually will have mail installed already. To use mutt:

brew install mutt

Or on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install mutt

Start a server.

node app.js

Navigate to localhost:8000/email_list to view.

Send a test email request.

wget --post-data 'body=foo&from=bar&to=foo&subject=bar&delayTime=10000' -qO - http://localhost:8000/email


Edit the lib/emailQueue/mailCommand.json file to use another email client, mutt for example.

  "mailFunction" : "mutt"

Default is to use mail.

To track email history. Install mongodb:

brew install mongodb

Then you will need to point the email-queue app to your mongo server. Edit the lib/emailQueue/mailConfig.json. Use the format for your "databaseUrl".