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Extended Modules for Node.js


The em extends few core NodeJS modules with simpler object oriented interface and immutable objects.

It can be installed directly from NPM:

npm install em

Open source, MIT-style license.

You can create instances of URL by calling URL.create(path) or new URL(path).

However URL.create() only creates new objects when it must. For example when called with an another instance of URL it can simply return it since it's immutable and cannot be changed.

Each method of URL returns an another URL object so you can chain its methods:

var url = URL.create('')

One of the coolest features of URL is that parsing can be done just in time on demand. In the previous example the URL wasn't parsed until you requested url.href! However if you need you can call url.parse() and get a real object with no magic members and JIT.

The Path works the same way.

You can create objects by calling Path.create('/foo/bar') or new Path('/foo/bar'). Paths are immutable, too.

var path = Path.create('/foo').join('bar/docroot/').join('index.html');
console.log('dirname: '+path.dirname());         // Returns '/foo/bar/docroot' 
console.log('pathname: '+path.basename('.html')); // Returns 'index' 

At the moment for further details please take a look at tests.