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Elucidata Build Tools

Build tools for assembling multiple javascript/coffee/eco scripts into a single file (leverages stitch), and assembling multiple css/less styles into a single file.

Cakefile Example

ebt= require 'elucidata-build-tools'

option '-q', '--quiet', "Minimize output" option '-c', '--compress', "Compress output"

jsPaths = [ "#{__dirname}/app" "#{__dirname}/lib" ]

cssPath = "#{__dirname}/app"

task 'build', 'build app files', (opts)-> ebt.say "Building sources:" ebt.buildJs "./public/comic-tools.js", jsPaths..., opts ebt.buildCss "./public/comic-tools.css", cssPath, opts

task 'serve', 'development server', (opts)-> opts.root= "#{__dirname}/public" opts.js_uri= '/comics-tools.js' opts.js_path= jsPaths opts.css_uri= '/comics-tools.css' opts.css_path= cssPath

server = ebt.server.createDevServer opts
puts "Dev server running at\n\n"
server.listen 3000