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Elrond SFT Issue & Airdrop

This is a CLI tool you can use to execute SFT related operations on the Elrond Network.

What can you do

  • issue token elrond-sft issue-token
  • set roles elrond-sft set-roles
  • mint SFT elrond-sft mint-sft

Getting Started

Install package globally

npm i -g elrond-sft

Generate a PEM file wallet

Make sure you have a PEM file wallet called wallet.pem in the current directly (the one you're running the package from). You can use erdpy to generate a PEM file wallet by running erdpy wallet new --pem --output-path wallet

Mint SFT

Before you mint an SFT you will need to issue a token and assign some roles to it.

  1. Issue Token Run elrond-sft issue-token and fill in the Token Name and the Token Ticker. Make sure you don't include any spaces in the Token Name. Make sure to only use Uppercase chars in the Token Ticker and avoid spaces.

  2. Set Roles In order to be able to perform actions over a token (mint, burn, etc), one needs to have roles assigned. In order to assign the roles, you need to run elrond-sft set-roles.

  3. Mint SFT Now that we have a token and the roles, you can finally mint the SFT by running elrond-sft mint-sft.


By defualt, elrond-sft will run on devnet. If you wish to run on another chain, you can set an env var called CHAIN to:

  • devnet
  • testnet
  • mainnet

Example CHAIN=testnet elrond-sft issue-token


There are two ways you can specify the Token Identifier (example GIANTS-93cadd) to the CLI tool:

  1. Using the config.json file generated by the elrond-sft issue-token command
    "tokenIdentifier": "TKKK-d79421"
  2. By providing an extra parameter to the CLI command. For example elrond-sft set-roles TKKK-d79421


Run elrond-sft -h to get a list of all available commands.


  • add quantity command
  • burn command
  • airdrop SFT to a list of addresses
  • refactor erdjs interactions


  • Some wallet interaction methods are taken from elven-tools-cli
  • erdjs is used to interact with the Elrond Blockchain

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