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Elongate -- Expand shortened urls

Install globally

  npm install -g elongate

Or locally for use as a library:

  npm install elongate

Or from source:

  git clone git:// 
  cd elongate
  npm link

Super simple to use

If you installed it globally:

  $ elongate

If installed as a library:

  elongate = require 'elongate'

  elongate '', (err, destination_url) ->
    console.log "Destination log is #{destination_url}"

or for the full redirect chain:

  elongate = require 'elongate'

  elongate '', (err, destination_url, all_urls) ->
    console.log intermediate_url for intermediate_url in all_urls

Or, as JavaScript:

  var elongate = require('elongate')

  elongate('', function(err, destination_url) {
    console.log('Destination url is ' + destination_url);
  var elongate = require('elongate')

  elongate('', function(err, destination_url, all_urls) {
    for (var i=0; i < all_urls.length; ++i) {