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elo is a lo-fi cross-browser JavaScript events API that gzips <3k. It's an events library for minimalists. It works as a standalone library or can integrate into a host such as ender.

API (1.6)

elo does not claim the $ namespace, however it can be used as such in a closure.



  • $.on(element, eventName, handler)
  • $.off(element, eventName, handler)
  • $.one(element, eventName, handler)
  • $.trigger(element, eventName, extraParamsArray?)
  • $.domReady(fn) // call fn when the DOM is ready
  • $.hasEvent(eventName, element|tagName?)
  • $(stack).on(eventName, handler)
  • $(stack).off(eventName, handler)
  • $(stack).one(eventName, handler)
  • $(stack).trigger(eventName, extraParamsArray?)
  • $(document).ready(fn)
  • $.fn.dubEvent(shorthandEventNames)


  • $.data(object, key?, value?)
  • $.removeData(object, keys?)
  • $.cleanData(object)
  • $(stack).data(key, value?)
  • $(stack).removeData(keys)


  • $.each(stack, callback, thisArg?, breaker?)
  • $(stack).each(callback, thisArg?, breaker?)


The elo() function is a simple OO wrapper that works very much like the jQuery function.

  • elo(element) // wrap a DOM element
  • elo(stack) // wrap NodeList or array
  • elo(selector, context) // match a selector string via querySelectorAll
  • elo(fn) // ready shortcut - fn calls like, elo)


Supports all major browsers. Tested in: Chrome, FF3+, Opera, IE7+, Safari. Please report issues here.

License: MIT

Copyright (C) 2012 by Ryan Van Etten