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Electron Modular Editor

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Electron Modular Editor is a component system / framework for writing electron.js-based editing programs, factoring away some common boilerplate. The typical usage would be to build something like an office suite. It supports the concept of mounting "editors" that consist of backend (main process code) hooked up with IPC to corresponding front end (renderer process code). It can automatically mount one of these in response to "opening a file", or editing a portion of a file.

WIP: API subject to drastic change, and not yet documented. Not ready for public usage, mostly just intended to be used as an internally used library.

Forms the backbone of two other WIP projects, Scroll Editor -- an extensible document preparation system based on markdown -- and Whiteboard -- an activity- based slide system for teaching and tutorials.


  • Auto-generates an HTML document with included front-end JS

  • Separate out "backend" (main process) electron code from "frontend" (renderer process)

  • Componentize the editor, with components based on filetype

  • Allows multiple windows editing multiple documents, all driven by only 1 main process

Getting started

NOTE: You might not want to use elmoed, since its main purpose, at the present time, is just to power Whiteboard (and, soon, Scroll). However, if you find the examples close to what you want, then maybe it would make a good starting point for your editor.

To build a editor or editor-suite based on elmoed, take a look at the examples/ directory. That contains a "micro office suite" of a faux image editor, a faux text editor, and a faux "manifest" editor, which would make sense for some sort of mixed-content type editor (e.g., a rich text document that has a built-in image editor and text editor).

To run each example, try one of the following:

npm run example-simple-text
npm run example-simple-image
npm run example-simple

Running end-to-end tests

  • Run tests with npm run test

  • Requires node 8 or greater


  • Breaks with npm link, because of adaptorPath, need to manually specify adaptorPath

Built-in adaptors

  • Riotjs


npm i elmoed

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