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🦊 Fantastic build system for your next app.


  • Typescript-first approach
  • Familiar API for next.js users
  • Elmo's overhead to your project is 8KB (!)
  • No babel, so builds are blazing fast
  • 100% development/production parity
  • Works on IE11+
  • Compiles to a static website that you can put on netlify or cloudfront
  • Server-side rendering outputs HTML files
  • Built-in support for netlify's _redirects file
  • SEO-ready for dynamic content using _escaped_fragment_


  • I want a framework that brings back the simplicity of building websites 10 years ago with our modern day tools & techniques.
  • I want a reliable website that don't go down and is cloud-agnostic.
  • I want to be able to easily distribute my app globally so it loads fast for everyone around the world.
  • I want a framework that is well-tested, small, performant and doesn't get in the way.


  • 100% static rendering

  • First class support for Preact

  • Code splitting

  • Asynchronous routing

  • Populating <head>

  • Add styled-jsx

  • Analyze command

    • Smarter ordering (biggest contributors first)
    • Parsed size (read from source file)
    • Gzipped size ("gzip-size" module)
  • Setup command

  • Watch server build during serve

  • _redirects route provider

  • Typescript loader support

  • Testing

  • Error page

  • 404 page