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    Elm License Checker

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    Treats the licenses of the dependent packages.

    This is inspired by NPM License Checker.

    CLI Interface

    You can show the package information with the selected fields.

    > elm-license-checker --customPath format.json
    ├─ elm/json@1.1.3
    │  ├─ name: elm/json
    │  ├─ version: 1.1.3
    │  ├─ summary: Encode and decode JSON values
    │  ├─ license: BSD-3-Clause
    │  └─ licenseFile: C:\Users\kazuki\AppData\Roaming\elm\0.19.1\packages\elm\json\1.1.3\LICENSE
    ├─ elm/time@1.0.0
    │  ├─ name: elm/time
    │  ├─ version: 1.0.0
    │  ├─ summary: Work with POSIX times, time zones, years, months, days, hours, seconds, etc.
    │  ├─ license: BSD-3-Clause
    │  └─ licenseFile: C:\Users\kazuki\AppData\Roaming\elm\0.19.1\packages\elm\time\1.0.0\LICENSE

    See the section “Compatibility with NPM License Checker” for options.

    Custom Format

    Fields that a format file contains are outputted. Values of fields that licenses do not have are given as ones of fields in a format file. Please also refer a document of the NPM License Checker.

    There are an example file in test-asset/format.json.

    Library Interface

    The following is how to use this as a module.

    The JavaScript interface is compatible with NPM License Checker, but is actually a subset.

    See the section “Compatibility with NPM License Checker”.

    const elc = require('elm-license-checker');
      { start: '/path/to/elm-application' },
      function (err, packages) {
        if (err) {
          // handle the error
        } else {
          // use the packages

    The PureScript interface is also available.

    import Prelude
    import Effect (Effect)
    import ElmLicenseChecker (init)
    main :: Effect Unit
    main = do
      packages <- init "/path/to/elm-application"
      -- use the packages

    Compatibility with NPM License Checker

    Statuses are:

    • implemented
    • ignored
    • 📈 decided to be implemented but not yet done
    • 📉 decided to be ignored but not yet done
    • not decided whether implemented or not


    Option CLI JS PS Description
    production only show production dependencies
    development only show development dependencies
    start 📈 give where elm.json is
    unknown report guessed licenses as unknown licenses
    onlyunknown only list packages with unknown or guessed licenses
    json 📈 output in json format
    csv output in csv format
    csvComponentPrefix prefix column for component in csv format
    out write the data to a specific file
    customPath add a custom format file in JSON
    exclude exclude modules which licenses are in the comma-separated list from the output
    relativeLicensePath output the location of the license files as relative paths
    summary output a summary of the license usage
    failOn fail (exit with code 1) on the first occurrence of the licenses of the semicolon-separated list
    onlyAllow fail (exit with code 1) on the first occurrence of the licenses not in the semicolon-separated list
    packages restrict output to the packages (package@version) in the semicolon-separated list
    excludePackages restrict output to the packages (package@version) not in the semicolon-separated list
    excludePrivatePackages restrict output to not include any package marked as private
    direct look for direct dependencies only

    Custom Format

    There are compatible fields:

    • name
    • version
    • description the same as summary
    • copyright always empty
    • licenses the same as license
    • licenseFile
    • licenseText
    • licenseModified always empty

    There are added fields:

    • summary
    • license


    npm i elm-license-checker

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