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Elm Land

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Elm Land: Reliable web apps for everyone

Alpha release 🌱

Although Elm Land is still a work-in-progress, please feel free to tinker around until the big v1.0.0 release!

If you're excited to try things out– come join the Elm Land Discord to get help or share your experience!

Using the CLI

The elm-land CLI comes with everything you need to create your next web application:

$ elm-land

🌈  Welcome to Elm Land! (v0.19.3)
    Here are the available commands:

    ✨ elm-land init <folder-name> ...... create a new project
    🚀 elm-land server ................ run a local dev server
    📦 elm-land build .......... build your app for production
    🪄 elm-land generate ............. generate Elm Land files
    📄 elm-land add page <url> ................ add a new page
    🍱 elm-land add layout <name> ........... add a new layout
    🔧 elm-land customize <name> .. customize a default module

    Want to learn more? Visit https://elm.land/guide

The source code

If you would like to see how it works, all the code is available and open-source on GitHub.

The CLI, docs website, and all the other Elm Land projects can all be found in that single GitHub repo.

Running the tests

The tests in this project are designed to verify that the official guide and all of the examples are accurate for users.

For that reason, we are using bats to make sure our CLI behaves as expected!

# Make sure you are in the `./cli` folder!
npm install
npm link
npm run setup
npm run test




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