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    elm-format-short formats your code like elm-format but:

    • Without extra blank lines
    • Without extra line breaks
    • Without extra indents
    • With shorter and better visual representations of case-of, if-then-else, let-in, etc.

    elm-format-short formats Elm source code according to a standard set of rules in shorter way than elm-format.

    The benefits of elm-format-short are same as of elm-format:

    • It makes code easier to write, because you never have to worry about minor formatting concerns while powering out new code.
    • It makes code easier to read, because there are no longer distracting minor stylistic differences between different code bases. As such, your brain can map more efficiently from source to mental model.
    • It makes code easier to maintain, because you can no longer have diffs related only to formatting; every diff necessarily involves a material change.
    • It saves your team time debating how to format things, because there is a standard tool that formats everything the same way.
    • It saves you time because you don't have to nitpick over formatting details of your code.

    Plus benefits in contrast to elm-format:

    • It makes code easier to read, because you can see more code without scrolling.
    • It makes code easier to navigate, because you have not to scroll needless empty space by mouse or arrows on keyboard.
    • It makes code easier to write, because it is easier to read and easier to navigate.
    • It makes code easier to debug, because your lines of code commented out for debug purposes are not surrounded by needless blank lines above and below.
    • It saves your money, because you can still use your display. It not require you to buy new display with vertical resolution of 1000000000 pixels to see tons of blank lines.

    Example formatting

    See dreamwriter app by @rtfeldman:


    npm i -g elm-format-short

    IDE Integration

    elm-format-short is CLI-compatible with elm-format. IDE Integration almost same as for elm-format.

    JetBrains Integration

    This is for WebStorm and other JetBrains IDEs.

    1. Install elm-format-short
    2. Install the Elm Language Plugin package.
    3. Install the File Watchers plugin (available in the plugin repository)
    4. Add a file watcher for .elm files with the settings as shown here.
    5. Set tab/indent size to 2 spaces as shown here


    npm i elm-format-short

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