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Elm Expressway

Get up and running on multi-user Elm applications in a few easy steps!


npm init your project

npm install --save-dependency elm-expressway


This creates a barebones application upon which you can build. It sets up:

  1. An Express application in index.js that interoperates between websockets and Elm.
  2. A base Elm application, fatored into Client.elm and Server.elm.
  3. Markup and client-side socket handling in public/index.html.
  4. A gulpfile that compiles the application and runs the server.

The files created, using the default Elm namespace, will be:

├── Elm
│   ├── Client.elm
│   └── Server.elm
├── gulpfile.js
├── index.js
└── public
    └── index.html


Start your application: ./node_modules/.bin/gulp. It is recommended to add this as the start script in your package.json.

Open localhost:8000 in a browser!