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Elm Docs Preview

Preview the docs for your awesome Elm libs locally. Sounds good? Just do this!

npm i -g elm-docs-preview

Then run it with a path to the directory of your package (which contains elm-package.json).

# for the current directory 
# or for any directory 
elm-docs-preview path/to/elm-package

This will spin up a server at http://localhost:8080, which will serve an HTML and show the compiled docs.


  • Node version 8 or higher.

What's happening?

When running elm-docs-preview this will:

  • run elm make in the directory you specified to generate the docs.json.
  • then it will generate an HTML page, which displays the JSON data in the format you as a package author are used to from package.elm-lang.org
  • spin up a server to display that page

Room for improvement

  • As live reloading is not implementing yet you'll have to run this again everytime you make changes and wanna preview them(should watch the exposed modules of a package)
  • Code for the UI was shamelessly taken and adapted from package.elm-lang.org. The code likely still contains a bunch of unnecessary stuff from the original version, but this was the quickest way to make this previewer.
  • Assets are still fetched from package.elm-lang.org (should maybe be copied into this package so it doesn't break if the package site is down)
  • Currently the server for previewing is webpack-dev-server. It makes generating everything very easy and I picked it mostly for comfort, but I'm not sure if there aren't better choices out there.
  • In some cases the links don't work yet. For simplicity everything uses hash routing but in some cases that may not be enough(i.e. when viewing module A and clicking a link to some function in Module B)




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