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Ellipsis HTML Elements

Mini tool to arranging HTML elements along ellipse subset shapes. Using ellipsis-html you can layout child items of an element along a circle, semicircle, ellipse or any subset shape of it without encounter math formula and complex concepts.

It’s only 2KB and easy to use.

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Using npm:

npm install ellipsis-html

Using yarn:

npm install ellipsis-html

Using unpkg CDN

<script src="http://unpkg.com/ellipsis-html/lib/ellipsis-html.min.js"></script>


First, import ellipsis-html to your project. You can do it by adding the script tag that mentioned above, or you can import it as a module like this.

import EllipsisHTML from "ellipsis-html";

After adding the library to your project, you can call it like this.

const myEllipse = new EllipsisHTML(htmlElement, options)

There are two arguments that you should pass to the EllipsisHTML:

  • htmlElement: the target element that you want to ellipse its child
  • options: properties to shape your ellipse. You can see all in below table.


Property Value Default Description
type equal/compact equal Layout type of the ellipse. there are two types, equal and compact. The distance between items will be equal in "equal" mode.
size [0, 1] 0.5 Size of ellipse. Its a number between 0 and 1. if you want a entire ellipse it must be 1.
rotate [0, 360] 0 Use this property to rotate ellipse. It could be a number between 0 and 360.
reflection [-1, +1] 1 Use this to mirroring the ellipse. its standard value is a number in range of [-1,+1] but you can set any numbers. for example, value 2 means two times height for the ellipse.
shiftX number 0 To shift whole layout to right or left. The value could be both positive and negative.
shiftY number 0 To shift whole layout to up or down. The value could be both positive and negative.

You can arrange your elements in any subset shape of an ellipse and put it in any position of your parent element with changing the options.

Render with new options

To update initial options you can use .update(newOptions) API. this method merges new options with the previous object and rerender the ellipse.


const elm = document.getElementById("demo");
const options = {
    type: "equal",  // compact, equal
    size: .5,       // 0, 1
    rotate: 5,      // 0, 360
    reflection: 1,  // 0, 1, only in compact layout
    reverse: false, 
    shiftX: 0,      // any number
    shiftY: 0,      // any number
const myEllipse = new EllipsisHTML(elm, options)
// to update options and rerender the ellipse
myEllipse.update({type: "compact", size: 1})

Sample Layouts

Ellipsis elements samples


I would be grateful to those who helped me make the project truly perfect. So, feel free to contribute to the project. Also, if you encounter any problem bring it up as an issue.



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