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Ellipsis Project Build API Module

Ellipsis Gulp

Exposes the ellipsis gulp build API as a commonjs module, thus allowing one to execute ellipsis build tasks in their own gulp file at the project root.

#create project directory
mkdir my-project
cd my-project
#init npm package for the project
npm init
#install ellipsis
npm install ellipsis --save
#install ellipsis-gulp
npm install ellipsis-gulp --save-dev
#install gulp
npm install gulp --save-dev

Create a gulpfile.js

var gulp=require('gulp');
var tasks=require('ellipsis-gulp');
//design project task--creates a design project at your project root 
//build task--builds a kitchen sink distro at your project root 
  • design()
  • build()
  • minify()
  • buildCore()
  • minifyCore()
  • buildElements()
  • minifyElements()
  • buildInteraction()
  • minifyInteraction()