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This Eleventy plugin generates responsive image markup along with the corresponding image files.

It can be used in two ways:

  1. The manually inserted shortcode, {% srcset %}
  2. The automatic filter mode, which finds images based on a provided CSS selector


The plugin can be configured by passing a config object when adding the plugin, e.g.:

eleventyConfig.addPlugin( pluginSrcsetImg, {
  srcsetWidths: [540, 900, 1024],
  autoselector: '.post-content img',
  createCaptions: true

Configuration added will override the defaults given in the table below.

Value Details Default
autoselector Specifies the CSS selector used to automatically find elements you want to generate images and markup for. Set this to null if you do not want to find images automatically. '.page-body img'
srcsetWidths An array of the breakpoint widths used to generate images [ 320, 480, 640, 960, 1280, 1600 ]
fallbackWidth The width for the fallback 'src' image 640
fallbackHeight The height for the fallback 'src' image, when null the image will be automatic based on the aspect ratio and fallbackWidth null
createCaptions When true, automatic mode wraps outputted tags in a tag with a whose text is a copy of the image's title attribute. This makes generating captions from markdown possible. false
resizeOriginal When true, the original image will be resized. true
cropPosition Specifies the default crop position for Sharp to use when cropping. Can be overridden on shortcode gravity.centre
dirs.input Path to input directory ./src
dirs.output Path to output directory ./dist

Using the shortcode

The shortcode syntax is:

{% srcset image, alt, className, width, height, sizes, cropPosition %}

Attribute Details
image Path to input image
alt Image alt text
className Desired class of output image
width Image width (used to establish image aspect ratio)
height Image height (used to establish image aspect ratio)
sizes Image sizes attribute, e.g. "(min-width: 600px) 50vw, 100vw"
cropPosition Sharp crop position, e.g. gravity.centre
lazyload Set this to be true to lazyload images.

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