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    Wish there was a way to import Sass files as easily as CSS files? Now there is!

    Introducing eleventy-load, an Eleventy plugin which resolves dependencies and post-processes files for you. Loading Sass files is just one example: eleventy-load exposes 'loaders' which can process any file including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images and more. The concept of eleventy-load is very similar to webpack loaders, albeit with infinitely less JavaScript sent to the browser.


    Visit the eleventy-load website for usage instructions, examples of eleventy-load, a list of loaders and how to write a loader yourself.

    Get Started

    For more detailed instructions, see the eleventy-load website.

    The following example sets up eleventy-load so that you can import Sass files just like you would import CSS files.

    1. Install eleventy-load and any loaders you need.
    npm install --save-dev eleventy-load eleventy-load-html eleventy-load-sass eleventy-load-css eleventy-load-file
    1. Add eleventy-load as a plugin and set up rules to process your Sass file.
    module.exports = function (eleventyConfig) {
      eleventyConfig.addPlugin(require("eleventy-load"), {
        rules: [
            test: /\.html$/,
            loaders: [
                loader: require("eleventy-load-html"),
            test: /\.scss$/,
            loaders: [
                loader: require("eleventy-load-sass"),
                loader: require("eleventy-load-css"),
                loader: require("eleventy-load-file"),
                options: {
                  name: "[hash].css",
    1. Now you can write your Sass in a file and link it in your HTML using a link element!
    $massive: 5rem;
    body {
      background-color: linen;
      h1 {
        font-size: $massive;
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.scss" />

    It's as easy as that!


    Loaders can process any file, from a text file to images. See a list of loaders on the eleventy-load website.


    I'd love some help adding tests to eleventy-load and growing the ecosystem of loaders. If you'd like to contribute, get in touch with me!


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