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eleventy-img-helper is an Eleventy plugin that makes use of the eleventy-img utility to generate responsive images in Eleventy HTML output, regardless of the template language used. It takes the same options as eleventy-img, but with a few extras:

  • sizes: Directly specify the source size descriptors to be put in the sizes attribute in the resulting HTML.
  • htmlFunction: Is eleventy-img's generateHTML function not versatile enough for you? Pass in a custom function to generate the HTML exactly the way you want. The following pieces of data will be provided:
    • metadata: The result of invoking eleventy-img on an image, containing the metadata describing the new images.
    • options: The options applied to this image. This is most useful for adding options.sizes to your HTML.
    • attributes: The attributes that were on the original <img> tag.
  • postFunction: A function to run on the processed HTML before returning it. This is most useful for things like HTML minification or other small transforms.
  • selectors: The highlight feature of this plugin, this option is an object containing a list of CSS selectors paired with another set of eleventy-img/plugin options. For each <img> tag in the input content, the selectors that apply to it will have their options merged with the global options and then each other in order of CSS specificity.
    • In other words, the selector-specific options will emulate the CSS cascade in a very basic form, with the global options having the least specificity.
    • Note: postFunction will have no effect when in selector-specific options.


npm install --save-dev eleventy-img-helper


Add the plugin to your .eleventy.js:

const imgOptPlugin = require("eleventy-img-helper");

module.exports = function (eleventyConfig) {
  const imgOptConfig = {
    ...configuration goes here
  eleventyConfig.addPlugin(imgOptPlugin, imgOptConfig);

A complex configuration example (with a few notes)

const imgOptConfig = {
  formats: ["avif", "webp", "jpeg"],
  hashLength: 4,
  filenameFormat: (id, src, width, format) => {
    let filename = path.basename(src, path.extname(src)).split("-")[0];
    return `${filename}-${id}-${width}.${format}`
  sharpAvifOptions: { //supports all of the options in eleventy-img, even the niche ones
    quality: 75
  selectors: {
    ".headerImg": { //use any selector, as long as it matches <img> tags (doesn't have to explicitly specify them)
      widths: [720, 1440, 2160],
      sizes: "100vw",
      htmlFunction: (metadata, options, attributes) => { //custom HTML tag generation
        let newImgAttrs = {
          src: metadata.jpeg[0].url,
          loading: "lazy",
          decoding: "async"
        return `<picture>
          ${Object.values(metadata).map(imageFormat => {
            return `<source
              srcset="${imageFormat.map(entry => entry.srcset).join(", ")}"
            <img ${Object.entries({...attributes, ...newImgAttrs}).map(attr => `${attr[0]}="${attr[1]}"`).join(" ")}>
    "article img": {
      widths: [720, 1080],
      sizes: "(min-width: 744px) 720px, 100vw"
    "img[data-nl]": {
      formats: ["webp", "png"], //overriding global format option above
      sharpWebpOptions: {
        nearLossless: true,
        quality: 50
  postFunction: (inputContent) => { //optional post function, HTML minification in this case
    if (process.env.NODE_ENV === "prod") {
      return htmlmin.minify(inputContent, {
        useShortDoctype: true,
        removeComments: true,
        collapseWhitespace: true
    return inputContent;

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