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    Electron Snowpack

    npm version Node.js CI License: MIT

    Supercharged Electron application development with Snowpack and esbuild

    Getting Started

    • npx electron-snowpack --help

    Check out the examples folder for the common use cases. For further guidance read the Snowpack and Electron docs.


    • esbuild for main (TypeScript, Live Reload)
    • Snowpack for renderer (TypeScript, HMR + Fast Refresh, plugins, etc.)
    • .env variables
    • Ability to extend snowpack.config.js and tsconfig.json
    • Config preset for electron-builder
    • 🚧 Minification ( main, renderer)


    Snowpack will be used as a development server and bundler for your public static files and src/renderer code. To setup just extend your snowpack.config.js:

    module.exports = {
      extends: 'electron-snowpack/config/snowpack.js',

    Environment Variables

    Built-in support for .env files (just as @snowpack/plugin-dotenv):

    • .env.NODE_ENV.local
    • .env.NODE_ENV
    • .env

    NODE_ENV, MODE and all SNOWPACK_* environment variables will be bundled with the built app (all on main and a subset for renderer). See Snowpack's Environment Variables documentation to learn more.

    Also you can adjust the way electron-snowpack itself works via environment variables:

    • ELECTRON_SNOWPACK_PORT - the default Snowpack port


    For a minimal setup to get TypeScript working for renderer have a root tsconfig.json:

      "extends": "electron-snowpack/config/tsconfig.json",
      "include": ["src"]

    Electron Builder

    electron-builder is a separate complete solution to package and build a ready for distribution Electron app for macOS, Windows and Linux with “auto-update” support out of the box.

    electron-snowpack provides a config starter that will just work with the builder. Update your electron-builder setup in package.json:

      "build": {
        "extends": "electron-snowpack/config/electron-builder.js"


    npm i electron-snowpack

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