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A simple boilerplate for Novel.js using Electron. Electron allows you to create standalone desktop games with Novel.js for Windows, OSX and Linux.


  1. Install with npm install electron-noveljs-boilerplate or load the latest release zip.
  2. npm install to install Novel.js and Electron.
  3. Run Electron by executing the electron.exe file in node_modules/electron-prebuilt/dist/.
  4. Drag app/main.js in to the Electron window to test the game.

The game files are in app/novel/, and the main view in app/index.html. See Novel.js documentation to learn how to use them.

To learn more about Electron, see its documentation. To package a finished game, see Application Distribution in the Electron docs.


electron-noveljs-boilerplate is licensed under the MIT License. Copyright © Ville Talonpoika 2016