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Copy, uglify, minify and package Electron projects.

How It Works

  1. Copies application repository to a temporary location.
  2. Uglifies JavaScript and CSS files.
  3. Installs npm dependencies in a temporary location.
  4. Updates build version in package.json.
  5. Packages the application using electron-packager.


npm install electron-compiler


electron-compiler <path-to-app>


Compiler options are read from an electron_compiler.json file in the application's repository.

    "verifyConfig": true | false,   // Whether to verify configuration before starting build. (Default: true)
    "archiveOutput" true | false,   // Whether to archive electron packager output for Windows and Linux. (Default: true)
    "platforms": [],                // Array or platforms to compile for. Supported options: win32, linux, darwin 
    "uglifyList": [],               // Array of paths to uglify. JavaScript and CSS files are supported.
    "ignoreList": [],               // Array of files to ignore. 
    "versionString":                // Object containing electron packager settings for Windows build.
        "CompanyName": "Company",
        "FileDescription": "Application description.",
        "OriginalFilename": "Filename.exe",
        "ProductName": "Product",
        "InternalName": "Internal Name"


The compiler output of each platform from electron-packager is saved to .\releases.

Third Party Libraries