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An electron command line utility.



  • [done] Create new project
  • [done] Get useful electron info such as(version numbers of Chromium, Node.js , and electron-cli)
  • [done] Run the electron app on the current directory either with the locally installed electron or the global one
  • [done] Pack the application for distribution
  • [wip] Build native node modules

Getting Started

Note: Electron Cli requires Node 6 or above, plus git installed.

npm install -g electron-cli
electron-cli init new-app
cd new-app
electron-cli start


npm install -g electron-cli


After installation the electron CLI tool will be available to you. It is the entrypoint for all the functionality marked as done above.

Create a new project

electron-cli init my-new-app

This will create a new folder my-new-app, initialize a Git project in it and adds the basic electron quick start project.

Get Info of current installed electron

electron-cli stats

This will print the versions of the current installed electron instance

Start electron application

electron-cli start --global

This will run the electron application on the current directory, if you provide the global flag it will run the application with the globally installed electron instance.

Pack electron application

electron-cli pack

This will pack the application on the current directory with electron-packager