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    Electrolytic on NPM

    A suite of features to make your desktop apps even more powerful 💪

    • 🔎 Analytics; how many users, what platforms, where're they from?
    • ☁️ Cloud config; JSON object that you can change via our dashboard and your app can access via this package, instantly.
    • ⚡️ Push notifications; send silent (or loud) information from your servers to your app and users.

    ... and much more for electron apps.

    This package is:

    • 🚀 Lightweight (under 10KB gzipped). Yes, we're aware of and fully relate to the memes about the size of node_modules 😂
    • 👌 is not dependent on any other package, only core code. We wrote every bit of it ourselves. No threat of package compromise!
    • 🏎 Performant. It uses the bare-minimum resources to keep your app running faster. Not a memory hog.
    • 🔐 Privacy-respecting. It only collects and sends the data to our servers when you tell it to. Respecting your app's and its users' privacy.

    Install it (please 🙏)

    Sign up (also please) on and get your App key and Secret. It's free to get started! ⭐️

    Then do the thing, you know, the thing:

    npm install --save electrolytic

    Use it in your app!

    const Electrolytic = require('electrolytic')
    const electrolytic = Electrolytic({
      appKey: '<Your-App-Key>',
    // when app starts
    electrolytic.on('token', (token) => {
      // send this token to your server, you'll need it to send a push
      console.log('user token', token);
    // when you use that <token> to send push via server POST
    electrolytic.on('push', (payload) => {
      console.log('got push notification', payload) // hola, here's a push!
    // when you update the config on our dashboard. It's pushed to all the apps in realtime 🙀
    electrolytic.on('config', (updatedConfig) => {
      console.log('look ma, updated config!', updatedConfig)

    Sending a push (and ❤️) from your server

    Simply send a POST request to

    with JSON body having following schema:

      "appKey": "<You-App-Key>",
      "appSecret": "<Your-App-Secret>",
      "target": ["<token>"], // should be an array. multiple tokens can be used to send the same push to all of them.
      "payload": "hola, here's a push!" // can also be a JSON object

    ❤️ is optional... well, I mean its not required.. Don't send it, seriously.

    For more informations (and emojis), visit



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