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Electric Brain


Thank you for downloading Electric Brain!


Electric Brain has several major dependencies:

  • NodeJS >= 4.2.6
  • MongoDB >= 2.6
  • RabbitMQ
  • Torch
  • Graphviz
  • SQLLite3

Installation of these four tools will vary greatly depending on your platform.

Ubuntu 16.04

On Ubuntu 16.04, several of the required tools can be installed with their required versions very easily from the mainline package repository.

user@machine:~$ sudo apt install mongodb rabbitmq-server graphviz git build-essential libsqlite3-dev -y

Torch must be installed separately. There are no easily available Ubuntu packages for Torch, because of its nature as an academic tool. The easiest way to install it is to follow their Getting Started Guide here: . There is one modification that we recommend, which is to set your environment variable PREFIX to "/usr/local" prior to running the commands. The complete commands for installing Torch on Ubuntu 16.04 are, thus:

user@machine:~$ export PREFIX=/usr/local
user@machine:~$ git clone ~/torch --recursive
user@machine:~$ cd ~/torch; bash install-deps;
user@machine:~$ sudo ./

After installing Torch, you will need to manually install several Electric Brain dependencies in Lua via luarocks:

user@machine:~$ sudo luarocks install json
user@machine:~$ sudo luarocks install distlearn
user@machine:~$ sudo luarocks install ipc
user@machine:~$ sudo luarocks install rnn
user@machine:~$ sudo luarocks install underscore
user@machine:~$ sudo luarocks install luasocket
user@machine:~$ sudo luarocks install lsqlite3

Now you can finally install Electric Brain via NPM. It must be installed globally using the -g command

user@machine:~$ sudo npm install electricbrain -g


The Electric Brain infrastructure is divided into two components, the API and frontend application server, and backend workers which do processing. Both of them are required for Electric Brain to function properly, and they both require connections to RabbitMQ and MongoDB. You can have as many of each running as you want.

To run the API server, simply run:

user@machine:~$ ebapi

To run the worker, simply run:

user@machine:~$ ebworker

You can also run an all-in-one application server using:

user@machine:~$ ebapplication