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Take rotating Amazon AWS EBS snapshots with this small node.js script.

  • Define what you want to snapshot based on instance-id + devices on that instance.
  • Put the script on an EC2 and use 'self' as one of the "jobs" keys to refer to that instance itself.
  • Handles multiple devices at a time on various instances.
  • If the EC2 uses iam-roles, you may omit awskey and awssecret; they'll be looked up dynamically using the EC2 metadata API

See setting.json for sample definitions. Options include:

pool - the number of snapshots to maintain before destroying old ones. device - name of device that should be snapshotted. description - used as the description for the snapshot along with the device name and the instance ID.

node index.js --config=settings.json ... throw that in a hourly, daily, etc. cronjob and set the 'pool' size and you've got rotating snapshots.