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Crunches EJS templates into library-independent functions


Crunches EJS templates into library-independent functions, meaning you don't have to have EJS on the client-side

There are two ways to use this module. It will integrate directly as a connect-assetmanager premanipulate function (it will prepend the code to the file) or you can simply export the file contents to a string and write them to disk )or do whatever else you want)


files:  /* 
 * Either a string that represents a path (will recursivly walk the dir), 
 * or an array of strings representing paths (is not recursive)
fileType: /* 
 * Default is 'ejs', however if they have a different extension provide it here
 * (Only applicable when providing a directory for recursion)
connectPremanipulate:   /* 
          * Whether the return type should 
     * be of Connect Assetmanager Premanipulate function 
     * or string of file contents 

In your assetsGroups creation file put the following in whatever assetGroup you'd like to prepend the templates to:

preManipulate: {
     '^': [
     files: './views/partials',
     connectPremanipulate: true
// To get file Source
var fileSource = require('ejs-crunch')({
    files: __dirname + '/views/partials'
// Then do something like write to a file, so gruntjs can use it
fs.writeFileSync('./static/test.js', fileContents);


  • Use async to create a concurrent file reading queue (make whole library run in async rather than sync)
  • Add option to name global Templates object
  • Possibly internalize the fileWriting as an option
  • Add support for other libraries?