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Control libeio from javascript.


var eio = require('eio-simple');

  • eio.setMinParallel(threads): Sets the available number of threads. Node's default is 4. Use this function for increasing the number of threads.

  • eio.setMaxParallel(threads): Sets the maximum number of threads. This only caps the number of threads and expires existing threads that are bigger than the maximum.

  • eio.setMaxIdle(threads): Sets the maximum number of idle threads. If more threads are idle they will automatically be stopped.

  • eio.setIdleTimeout(seconds): Sets the number of seconds after which a thread is marked idle.

  • eio.usage(): Returns an object with thread usage information.

    • requests contains the number of in-flight requests.
    • ready contains the number of not yet handled requests.
    • pending contains the number of finished but unhandled requests.
    • threads contains the number of worker threads in use currently.


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