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This repo has two purposes:


$ yarn add 'egghead-ui'`
import {ComponentName} from 'egghead-ui'

View the style guide for visual examples and component documentation.



  • Git
  • Node
  • Yarn


  • create feature branch off of master
  • yarn to install latest packages
  • yarn dev:styleguide to develop using the style guide
  • yarn dev:library to develop the library
  • localhost:2000 to view the style guide
  • use yarn link to test using library components in another project
  • bump the version in package.json using Semantic Versioning
  • submit a pull request for feature branch to master
  • once continuous integration passes and there is an approved review, merge the pull request
  • continuous deployment runs in Codeship and deploys the latest style guide app to and then updates the library to a new version and publishes it on npm
  • notify consumers to run yarn add egghead-ui@latest in their projects to get latest, with a list of changes

Folders and files

  • src/components/ComponentName:
    • index.js defines and exports a component.
      • Styling is done using classes from tachyons-egghead wherever possible. Otherwise, inline style objects are used.
      • The *-ns (not small) Tachyons classes are used to apply anything specific to non-mobile screen sizes, so that all components are built mobile-first.
    • index.examples.js adds component to the style guide.
      • .addWithInfo adds automatic API documentation.
      • .addWithPropCombinations adds automatic prop combinations.
  • src/index.js imports all src/components and exports the component library for npm.
  • build is the folder that is generated for the style guide app
  • lib is the folder that is generated for the component library

Known Issues

  • devDependencies don't install on heroku. All deps need to be in the dependencies object.