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    egg developer tool, extends common-bin.


    $ npm i egg-bin --save-dev


    Add egg-bin to package.json scripts:

      "scripts": {
        "dev": "egg-bin dev",
        "debug": "egg-bin debug",
        "test-local": "egg-bin test",
        "test": "npm run lint -- --fix && npm run test-local",
        "cov": "egg-bin cov",
        "lint": "eslint .",
        "pkgfiles": "egg-bin pkgfiles",
        "autod": "egg-bin autod",
        "ci": "npm run lint && npm run autod -- --check && npm run pkgfiles -- --check && npm run cov"


    All the commands support these specific v8 options:

    • --debug
    • --inspect
    • --harmony*
    • --es_staging
    $ egg-bin [command] --debug --es_staging

    if process.env.NODE_DEBUG_OPTION is provided (WebStorm etc), will use it as debug options.


    Start dev cluster on local env, it will start a master, an agent and a worker.

    $ egg-bin dev
    • --framework egg web framework root path.
    • --baseDir application's root path, default to process.cwd().
    • --port server port, default to 7001.
    • --workers worker process number, default to 1 worker at local mode.
    • --sticky start a sticky cluster server, default to false.
    • --typescript / --ts enable typescript support, default to false. Also support read from package.json's egg.typescript.
    • --declarations / --dts enable egg-ts-helper support, default to false. Also support read from package.json's egg.declarations.
    • --require will add to execArgv, support multiple. Also support read from package.json's egg.require


    Debug egg app with V8 Inspector Integration.

    automatically detect the protocol, use the new inspector when the targeted runtime >=7.0.0 .

    if running without VSCode or WebStorm, we will use inspector-proxy to proxy worker debug, so you don't need to worry about reload.

    $ egg-bin debug --debug-port=9229 --proxy=9999
    • all egg-bin dev options is accepted.
    • --proxy=9999 worker debug proxy port.


    Using mocha with co-mocha to run test.

    power-assert is the default assert library, and intelli-espower-loader will be auto required.

    $ egg-bin test [files] [options]
    • files is optional, default to test/**/*.test.js
    • test/fixtures, test/node_modules is always exclude.

    auto require test/.setup.js

    If test/.setup.js file exists, it will be auto require as the first test file.

      ├── .setup.js
      └── foo.test.js


    You can pass any mocha argv.

    • --require require the given module
    • --grep only run tests matching
    • --timeout milliseconds, default to 60000
    • --full-trace display the full stack trace, default to false.
    • --typescript / --ts enable typescript support, default to false.
    • --changed / -c only test changed test files(test files means files that match ${pwd}/test/**/*.test.(js|ts))
    • --dry-run / -d whether dry-run the test command, just show the command
    • see more at


    Environment is also support, will use it if options not provide.

    You can set TESTS env to set the tests directory, it support glob grammar.

    TESTS=test/a.test.js egg-bin test

    And the reporter can set by the TEST_REPORTER env, default is spec.

    TEST_REPORTER=doc egg-bin test

    The test timeout can set by TEST_TIMEOUT env, default is 60000 ms.

    TEST_TIMEOUT=2000 egg-bin test


    Using [nyc] to run code coverage, it support all test params above.

    Coverage reporter will output text-summary, json and lcov.


    You can pass any mocha argv.

    • -x add dir ignore coverage, support multiple argv

    • --prerequire prerequire files for coverage instrument, you can use this options if load files slowly when call or mm.cluster

    • --typescript / --ts enable typescript support, default to false, if true, will auto add .ts extension and ignore typings and d.ts.

    • --nyc nyc instruments passthrough. you can use this to overwrite egg-bin's default nyc instruments and add additional ones.

      if you want to add addtional nyc reporters, you need to use this rather than add reporter key in .nycrc because:

      • when same key exists in .nycrc and cmd instruments, nyc prefers instrument.
      • egg-bin have some default instruments passed to nyc like -r and --temp-directory
      • egg-bin cov --nyc="-r teamcity -r text"
    • also support all test params above.


    You can set COV_EXCLUDES env to add dir ignore coverage.

    $ COV_EXCLUDES="app/plugins/c*,app/autocreate/**" egg-bin cov


    Generate pkg.files automatically before npm publish, see ypkgfiles for detail

    $ egg-bin pkgfiles


    Generate pkg.dependencies and pkg.devDependencies automatically, see autod for detail

    $ egg-bin autod

    Custom egg-bin for your team

    You maybe need a custom egg-bin to implement more custom features if your team has develop a framework base on egg.

    Now you can implement a Command sub class to do that. Or you can just override the exists command.

    See more at common-bin.

    Example: Add nsp for security scan

    nsp has provide a useful security scan feature.

    This example will show you how to add a new NspCommand to create a new egg-bin tool.


    const EggBinCommand = require('egg-bin');
    class MyEggBinCommand extends EggBinCommand {
      constructor(rawArgv) {
        this.usage = 'Usage: egg-bin [command] [options]';
        // load directory
        this.load(path.join(__dirname, 'lib/cmd'));
    module.exports = MyEggBinCommand;


    const Command = require('egg-bin').Command;
    class NspCommand extends Command {
      * run({ cwd, argv }) {
        console.log('run nsp check at %s with %j', cwd, argv);
      description() {
        return 'nsp check';
    module.exports = NspCommand;


    #!/usr/bin/env node
    'use strict';
    const Command = require('..');
    new Command().start();

    Run result

    $ my-egg-bin nsp
    run nsp check at /foo/bar with {}






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