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    🔔 eFrolicss | CSS framework which without using JavaScript is interactive and animated.

    This framework is based on being simple and modern to develop web interfaces focused on mobile devices. Built in flexbox bases.

    Explore eFrolic docs

    eFrolic / framework css eFrolic / framework css

    eFrolic / framework css

    Quick start 🚀

    NPM ⚙️

    npm install efrolic

    Import 📤

    After installation, you can import the CSS file into your project using this snippet:

    import 'efrolic/dist/css/efrolic.min.css'

    CDN 🛬

    Copy-paste the stylesheet <link> into your <head> before all other stylesheets to load our CSS.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">


    📌 Compiled CSS

    Download 📉

    📌 Sass files

    Download 📈

    CSS file 50KB so far. 📦

    eFrolic is a modern and lightweight CSS framework, so far only weighs 50KB minified and includes all the components and utilities of the framework.

    You can use that lightweight and very powerful file or use the Sass files to customize.

    There is no Javascript so it can be integrated into any environment, even without javascript many components look impressive and animated.

    Browser Support 🌐

    eFrolic is compatible with recent versions of:

    • Chrome ✔️
    • Edge ✔️
    • Firefox ✔️
    • Opera ✔️
    • Safari ✔️

    📢 Copyright and license:

    Code copyright 2018 eFrolic . Code released under the MIT license. ™️


    npm i efrolic

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