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easy testing for ee-soa services


npm install ee-soa-service-testing

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Build Status


var env = new TestEnvironment();
var Request = env.Request;

// add classic orm config

// execute sql on the myDbName db, expects the path to a directory containig
// sql files whcih should be executed. if therer is a «execution-order.js»
// file which exports an array all files in the array will be executed
env.sql('myDbName', __dirname+'/dbSetup');

// create a service instance of your service you want to test
// you may retreive the orm using the orm function
var service = new MyService({
	controllerOptions: {
		orm: env.orm()

// register the service, you may register as many service as you like

// load everything, the callback get executed when everything is loaded
env.load(function() {
	// you may start your test when now :)
	new Request({}).send('myService', function(status, data){


	env.request(new SOARequest(), new SOAResponse());