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    Bootstrap table with CRUD functionality.

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    Tree Sorting Ability to add new rows. Ability to edit cells. Ability to delete rows. Row Selection Run time Cell Classes


    • Table based on twitter bootstrap classes
    • Tree
    • Column Sorting
    • Cell Links
    • Text Alignment
    • Row Selection
    • Row Addition
    • Row Deletion
    • Total Column Row
    • Editable Cells
    • Checkbox column
    • Formatting, parsing and validation on each column


    I would love to hear what features you would like to see implemented. Please raise them through github issues. Thanks


    • npm install editable-grid
    • and import grid.less file into your own less file from node_modules/editable-grid/less/grid.less


    Standalone version can be downloaded from the below links

    The grid depends on bootstrap so you will also need to import the stylesheet at the top of your stylesheets. <link href="//" rel="stylesheet"/>


    var Grid = require('editable-grid'),
        datepicker = require('date-selector'),
        $ = require('jquery');
    // initialize datepicker - only required once per page
    var grid = new Grid({
        // switch table borders on and off
        borders: true,
        // property name for column id
        id: 'id',                                           
        rows: {
            // turn to true for clickable rows
            link: false,
            // turn to true for an add row to appear in footer
            newRow: false,
            // turn to true to see an total row appear (only applicable to cost columns)                                          
            totalRow: false                                 
        // pre sort the grid when rendered
        sortConfig: [                                       
                id: 'col1',
                asc: true
        // append custom event handlers
        addListeners: function(el) {},
        // return true to make a cell editable                          
        stateManager: {                                     
            isEditable: function(rowId, colId) {
                return false;
        // element to append grid too
        el: $('body'),                                      
        columns: [
                // unique id for the data property name, can be nested - EG
                id: 'col1',
                // title to be used in header column
                title: 'Column A',
                // width of column - must be in percentage form                           
                width: '100%',
                // can the value not have a value, only applies to editable values
                nullable: false,
                // format the value
                formatter: function(id, value) {            
                    return value;
                // parse the value, only applies to editable values            
                parser: function(id, value) {               
                    return value;
                // return an error message when a value is not valid
                // only applies to editable values
                validate: function(id, value) {             
                    return '';  // value valid
                // 'left' (default), 'center', 'right'
                alignment: 'left',
                // can the column be sorted                          
                sortable: false,
                // custom sort function
                sortCompare: function(left, right, ascending) {},
                // use a different sort type to the column type
                // see lib to see available types
                sortType: 'integer',
                // type of data in the column,
                // options are 'text', 'cost', 'percent', 'select', 'date', 'checkbox'
                type: 'text',                               
                // values for a select type column,
                // use formatter to format to the selected value            
                list: ['a', 'b', 'c'],                      
                // advanced functionality - see demos for example
                preCreateCallback: function() {             
                    // called before cell is created
                    // return cell value
                // add classes `foo` and `bar` to table cell tag
                classes: ['foo', 'bar']
        // data to be rendered to grid
        data: [                                             
                id: 'id',
                col1: 'Hello World'
        // child data
        childData: function (parentId, object) {
            return $.Deferred();
        // tree mode
        treeMode: false,
        // Launch links in new tabs
        launchLinksNewTab: false,
        // return an array of classes for a cell
        getCellClasses: function (columnId, obj) {
            return ['my-cell-class-1', 'my-cell-class-2'];
    // render the grid onto the page
    // things to listen for
    grid.on('editable-value-updated', function(params) {});
    grid.on('editable-new-row-value-changed', function(newObj, colId) {});
    grid.on('editable-new-row', function(newObj) {});
    grid.on('editable-row-clicked', function(params) {});
    grid.on('editable-can-delete', function(rowId) {});        // must return a deferred
    grid.on('editable-before-tree-node-expand', function(id) {});
    grid.on('editable-after-tree-node-expand', function(id) {});
    grid.on('editable-before-tree-node-collapse', function(id) {});
    grid.on('editable-after-tree-node-collapse', function(id) {});
    // things to trigger
    grid.trigger('editable-delete-mode', true/false);


    npm i editable-grid

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