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Node module to communicate with Edimax Smart Plugs. The library utilizes Bluebird promises - https://github.com/petkaantonov/bluebird. Device requests will be executed sequentially. This is useful as the Smart Plug REST service does not properly chain incoming requests. It provides the following features:

  • Device Discovery - Smart Plugs can be automatically discovered on a given network (see section "Device Discovery" below for details)
  • Switching - Apart from switching Smart Plugs on and off, it is possible to read the current switch state
  • Schedule - It is not possible to set the schedule for the Smart Plugs, but the current schedule is readable
  • Usage Metering - For 'SP2101W' Smart Plugs it is possible to access the current, accumulated, and historical energy usage metering data
  • Support for digest authentication required with firmware versions SP-2101W v2.08 and SP-1101W v2.04
Important Notice

The recent firmware versions published for EdiSmart/Amazon Alexa Integration are currently not supported by edimax-smartplug:

  • SP2101W: v2.09 and higher
  • SP1101W: v1.05 and higher

Moreover, please note, the SP-2101W V2 plug is currently not supported. Issue #14 contains a link thread with untested and unsupported downgrade instructions. Use at your own risk!

If you have installed the new version and wish to downgrade you can use the downgrade guide provided as part of the project.

Usage Examples

var smartplug = require('./index');
var options = {
    timeout: 10000,
    username: 'admin',
    password: '1234'

smartplug.getDeviceInfo(options).then(function (info) {
}).catch(function(e) {console.log("Request failed: ", e)});

smartplug.getSchedule(options).then(function (schedule) {
}).catch(function(e) {console.log("Request failed: ", e)});

// set switch ON
smartplug.setSwitchState(true, options).catch(function(e) {console.log("Request failed: ", e)});

smartplug.getSwitchPower(options).then(function (power) {
    console.log("Current switch power", power, "Watts");
}).catch(function(e) {console.log("Request failed: ", e)});

smartplug.getSwitchEnergy(options).then(function (energy) {
    console.log("getSwitchEnergy result:", energy);
}).catch(function(e) {console.log("Request failed: ", e)});

smartplug.getStatusValues(true, options).then(function (all) {
    console.log("getStatusValues result:", all);
}).catch(function(e) {console.log("Request failed: ", e)});

// set switch OFF
smartplug.setSwitchState(false, options).catch(function(e) {console.log("Request failed: ", e)});

// get switch status
smartplug.getSwitchState(options).then(function (state) {
    console.log("Switch status is", state?"ON":"OFF");
}).catch(function(e) {console.log("Request failed: ", e)});

// get schedule status
smartplug.getScheduleState(options).then(function (state) {
    console.log("Schedule status is", state?"ON":"OFF");
}).catch(function(e) {console.log("Request failed: ", e)});

// get the daily history of power measured consumption for the given date range
smartplug.getHistory('DAY', '20160825', '20160830', options).then(function (results) {
    console.log("getHistory result", results);
}).catch(function(e) {console.log("Request failed: ", e)});

// discover devices
    timeout: 3000,
    address: ""
}).then(function (results) {
    console.log("Discovery Result:", results);
}).catch(function(e) {console.log("Request failed: ", e)});

Device Discovery

The device discovery implementation is based on the findings summarized in a blog post (thanks, Guntram). As the discovery mechanism may also be used for other Edimax products, e.g. IP cameras, you should filter by model name to make sure the found device is a smart plug ('SP1101W' and 'SP2101W'). The method discoverDevices() accepts the following options:

Property Default Type Description
address "" String The broadcast address
timeout 3000 Integer The timeout in milliseconds for discovery

Note: Using the global broadcast address on Windows may yield unexpected results. On Windows, global broadcast packets will only be routed via the first network adapter which may cause problems with multi-homed setups and virtual network adapters. If you want to use a broadcast address though, use a network-specific address, e.g. for use

A discovery request returns a promise which yields an array with the discovery items on completion. An item is an object with the following properties:

Property Type Example Description
manufacturer String 'EDIMAX' The manufacturer of the device
model String 'SP2101W' The model name
version String '2.03' The firmware version
displayName String 'edimax' The assigned device name
addr String '' The IP address of the device
dstAddr String '' The IP address of the gateway


  • More Documentation
  • Make request chaining optional. In some cases, request/response interleaving does not matter
  • Add tests


See Release History.


Copyright (c) 2015-2019, Marcus Wittig and contributors. All rights reserved.

MIT License

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