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Edgecast JSON API Client in NodeJS

Simple JSON Client built from Restify's JSONClient library. Specifically designed to set some simple defaults like token/account to reduce redundant signing header code and setting a base media path to use throughout your app.


npm install edgecast


To get your token and account number you will need access to Token can be found under My Settings in the upper right corner and your account number is right underneath that by your account name.

Note: You can pass a wildcard in MediaPath if you want to clear whole directories like /media/1234/* if you have a directory structure to maintain things.


//see Usage to find token/account to sign 
var edgecast = require ('edgecast').sign({
  token: 'supersecretclienttoken',
  account: '4characcountname'
//and use elsewhere like 
var cm = require('edgecast').CacheManagement.setBaseMediaPath("");
  MediaPath: "/some/path/tosomething/inthe/cdn.jpg",
  MediaType: 8
}, function (err, data) {
  if (!err) console.log(data);
//data will be {Id: 'some24charactersidnumber'} 

And with request Id you can pull data about it like so...

cm.purge("some24charactersidnumber", function (err, data) {
  if (!err) console.log(data);
{ AccountNumber: '4characcountname',
  CompleteDate: '2013-12-17 21:43',
  Id: 'some24charactersidnumber',
  InDate: '2013-12-17 21:42',
  MediaPath: '',
  MediaTypeId: 8

And to force the CDN to load content

  MediaPath: "/some/path/tosomething/notinthe/cdn.jpg",
  MediaType: 8
}, function (err, data) {
  if (!err) console.log(data);
//data will be an empty object 

Each callback can have req, res as extra parameters if you need the full request and response objects to sift through.


From the Edgecast docs for ints to pass for MediaType: 2: Flash Media Streaming 3: HTTP Large 8: HTTP Small 14: Application Delivery Network (ADN)


All methods return this in case you want to chain them in one call.


CacheManagement.purge({MediaPath: string, MediaType: number}, callback(err, data, req, res));

CacheManagement.purge(string, callback(err, data, req, res)); //read with 24 char Id number

CacheManagement.load({MediaPath: string, MediaType: number}, callback(err, data, req, res));


API Documentaiton (HTML):

API Documentation (PDF):


CacheManagement is full featured and CacheSettings has been started, so there are lots more to add.

Write some tests.