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Scan for Yunzi beacons using Node.js

Uses noble for BLE peripheral scanning, then attempts to parse discovered peripherals using the Eddystone Protocol Specification.

Based on sandeepmistry project :

Modified to scan and get all the sensors informations with a Sensoro Yunzi Beacon and store them in a JSON file.

The JSON is then send to a remote server using websocket.


var EddystoneYunziScanner = require('eddystone-yunzi-scanner');


node scan.js

Frame details:

  • sensor_id - Beacon's ID.
  • sensor_motion - Binary element so that 1 = moving / 0 = still.
  • sensor_light - Luminous flux in lux.
  • sensor_temp - Temperature in °C.
  • sensor_rssi- Beacon strength signal indicator in db.
  • sensor_battery - Beacon battery indicator in %.
  • sensor_time - Timestamp.
  • raspberry_id - Raspberry's ID. It's recommended to comment it if you are not using one.

Websocket connexion:

wss.on("connection", function(ws, beacon) {
  // ... 

Don't forget to select the right port: var port = 8080;