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ECTOR is a learning chatterbot. This is an interactive command to ECTOR.


Install the module with: npm install -g ector-command


$ ector


Name of the utterer

-p, --person [name]: set the name of the utterer (the user) - default value: User.

Name of the bot

-b, --botname [botname]: set the name of the bot - default value: ECTOR (all uppercase).


-q, --quiet: the bot won't answer, only learn.


-l, --log [filepath]: log the dialogue in log file - default value: ector.log. Not yet working


-h, --help: display the parameters of the command.


-V, --version: output the version number.

Internal Commands

Once run, ECTOR can be told to do various things, using commands beginning with @.

To see the list of these commands, use @help.


Display the list of commands in interactive mode.


Print the options the ector command.

@quit, @exit, @bye

To quit the program and go back to the CLI, either type @quit, @exit, @bye, or simply ^D (which always close an input-dependent unix command).


Change the utterer name (like -p)


Change the bot's name (like -b)


Give the current version


Save Ector's Concept Network and state (useful in order to teach Ector anything you don't want him to forget). Not yet fully functional: no loading


Show the nodes of the Concept Network (Ector's brain's partial content). Mainly a debug command.


Show the links of the Concept Network (another part of Ector's brain). Mainly a debug command.


Show the state of the nodes. Mainly a debug command.

@debug [on|off]

Show the debug state (on or off)


$ ector -p Guy
Guy: Hello ECTOR.
ECTOR: Hello Guy.
Guy: How do you do?
ECTOR: How do you do?
Guy: Well, what do you think, right now?
ECTOR: How do you do?
Guy: We already greet ourselves, indeed.
ECTOR: Well, what do you think, right now?
Guy: I think that I'm not a native English speaker.
ECTOR: I think that I'm not a native English speaker.
Guy: And also, you are a true parrot. But that's normal: you are like a young child, learning to speak.
ECTOR: I think that I'm not a young child, learning to speak.
Guy: Marvelous, now you're thinking by yourself ;)
ECTOR: But that's normal: you do?
Guy: And now, you make mistakes, that even I wouldn't make.
ECTOR: How do you make mistakes, that I'm not a true parrot.
Guy: @save


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using mocha.

Release History

  • 2015/02/27: version 1.0.0: use semantic versioning, fix a major bug
  • 2014/08/07: version 0.1.3: use FileConceptNetwork, add load command
  • 2014/06/18: version 0.1.2: fix a blocking bug (using a deprecated module)
  • 2013/01/06: version 0.1.1: link response to next entry
  • 2013/01/06: version 0.1.0: first release

Warning: this is a work in progress.


Copyright (c) 2013 François Parmentier Licensed under the MIT license.