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    Library for running Ecovacs Deebot vacuum cleaner robots


    Information on how to install this library can be found here.

    It is recommended to use version 12.x or 14.x of Node.js.

    The minimum required version is still 10.x, but that may change soon.


    Information on how to use this library can be found here.


    Supported models

    • Deebot 900/901
    • Deebot OZMO 930
    • Deebot OZMO 920/950

    The models listed are those that I have in use myself or which are technically identical to these.

    These models should work properly or at least partially

    • Deebot Slim 2
    • Deebot N79 series
    • Deebot M88
    • Deebot 600/601/605
    • Deebot 710/711/711s
    • Deebot OZMO 610
    • Deebot OZMO 900/905
    • Deebot OZMO Slim 10/11
    • Deebot OZMO T5
    • Deebot U2 series
    • Deebot N3 MAX
    • Deebot N7
    • Deebot N8 series
    • Deebot (OZMO) T8 series
    • Deebot T9 series

    The models listed are either already known to work or are technically similar to these models. Nevertheless, the functionality may be partially limited.

    I try to achieve a wide range of functionality, but decide this case by case depending on complexity and various other criteria. There is of course no claim to full functionality.

    Known issues

    • There's a strange behavior of the battery value on Deebot 900/901. It's very likely that this is a firmware bug
    • Some cleaning commands may not work with Deebot 710/711/711s
    • "Edge" command does not work with Deebot U2 (starts auto clean instead)
    • The cleaning log has an empty result on T9 series
    • The combined map data object does not work with T9 series
    • TrueDetect commands not working yet (tested on T9)
    • Generating map images for 950 type models can still take some time



    • Some minor changes and improvements


    • (juliangsibecas) Added support for accounts from South America
    • (juliangsibecas) Updated the lookup table for countries of Africa, Antarctica, South America and Oceania
    • Many improvements to the example apps
    • Add new example app for map related infos
    • Implemented GetDistanceToChargingStation command
    • Some refactoring

    0.6.3 - 0.6.6

    • Some Bugfixes and improved error handling when sending requests


    • Lots of refactoring, code improvements and some fixes
    • Added some wrapper functions for controlling the bot
    • Switch to @xmldom/xmldom (bump xmldom from 0.6.0 to 0.7.2)


    • Added full map data (maps, spot areas, virtual boundaries) as one structured event
    • (boriswerner) Implementation of a static map image (incl. bot and charging position)
    • Initial map image support for non 950 type models
    • Handle compressed spot area boundary data (e.g. T9 series)
    • Handle custom names for spot areas (e.g. T9 series)
    • Implemented DoNotDisturb and AdvanceMode commands (950 type models)
    • Implemented TrueDetect commands (models with TrueDetect 3D)
    • Implemented EmptyDustBin command for models with suction station (e.g. T8+/plus)
    • Implemented GetSchedule command
    • Added messageReceived event
    • Added N8 PRO+, N9+, T9 AIVI Plus
    • Some enhancements and fixes


    • Updated login process (credits to @And3rsL)
    • Support for Chinese server login
    • Implemented AutoEmpty commands for models with suction station (e.g. T8+/plus)
    • Added some cleaning log values and cleaning stats
    • Initial support for some more models (e.g. N3, N7, N8, T9 series)
    • Improved example apps
    • (dbochicchio) Added some structured events
    • Quite a lot refactoring and code consolidation
    • Several improvements and fixes
    • Bump some dependencies


    • Some improvements for handling charge status


    • Added OZMO T5 and some more T8 models
    • Several enhancements and fixes


    • Some fixes for cleaning logs (non 950 type)


    • Some refactoring and code improvements


    • Implemented ResetLifeSpan, SetVolume and GetVolume for 950 type models
    • Implemented OnOff for non 950 type MQTT models
    • Implemented method to get translated spot area names
    • Bump some dependencies
    • Several enhancements and fixes


    • Initial support for Deebot U2 series
    • Improved support for T8 models
    • Improved handling of device classes
    • (boriswerner) Fixed cleaning log for 950 type models
    • (boriswerner) VirtualBoundaries handling


    • Lots of code refactoring
    • Fix problem running multiple devices
    • Added support for more Ozmo T8 models

    0.0.2 - 0.4.26

    Thanks and credits

    All credits for originally figuring out and documenting the protocol go to @wpietri. He documented his findings on the protocol in his repository.


    I am in no way affiliated with ECOVACS.



    Copyright (c) 2021 Sascha Hölzel


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