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Eco Rewards Hub

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API to ingest and process passenger travel transactions and calculate eco rewards.


Node +12 and a MySQL compatible database are required. The Ubuntu set up is:

sudo apt-get install -y nodejs mariadb-server
# warning this will blank your root mysql password
sudo mysql -u root mysql -e "update user set authentication_string=password(''), plugin='mysql_native_password' where user='root'; flush privileges;"

Installing and running the service:

git clone
npm install --save eco-rewards-hub
npm run migrate
npm start

Running with pm2:

pm2 start ecosystem.config.js

CLI commands

There are some CLI commands to help get set up:

npm run cli -- create-scheme [name]
npm run cli -- create-organisation [name] [schemeId]
npm run cli -- create-group [name] [organisationId]
npm run cli -- create-user [name] [email] [password] [role]
npm run cli -- export-all-members

Functional requirements

The scope of the API is defined by a number of user stories in cucumber format.

See features.

Non-functional requirements

  • Swagger documentation
  • Secure API access
  • Continuous integration with automated tests

Decision log

Date Decision Reasoning
2019-11-01 Implement with node.js Developers familiar with it, fast iteration speed
2019-11-01 Use a MySQL compatible database Developers familiar with it, widely used
2019-11-01 Use AWS It's convenient and widely used
2019-11-18 Do not use docker Unnecessary for a project this size
2019-11-18 Make the code open-source No need for private repository, cheaper tooling (Travis et al)
2019-11-18 Use travis CI It's free
2019-11-18 Use cucumber to capture functional requirements Track the evolution of requirements and use as a basis for functional tests
2019-11-18 Use use Koa Widely used and supports promises
2019-11-18 Use db-migrate Most widely used database migration tool
2019-11-18 Do not use an ORM Seems like overkill when there are so few models
2019-11-18 Bcrypt passwords Most secure, widely used method to salt passwords
2019-11-19 Basic auth for API access Simple, widely used and easy to implement
2019-11-21 Swagger documentation Comes with a slick UI and package to validate requests and responses
2019-11-21 Link based API responses Reduces duplication in API responses. See this post
2019-11-27 Travis deployment Simple, easy, as seen here
2019-11-27 PM2 process management Makes the travis deployment easier


This software is licensed under GNU GPLv3.



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