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ec2login is a ssh login wrapper written in NodeJS. It lists all running EC2 instances in a given region and prompts for the one you want to connect to. It then launches an SSH session to the desired instance. If no user is provided it uses root.

The region to use is determined by the environment variable AWS_DEFAULT_REGION.

If the instance does not have a public IP address the private one is used to connect.


To install ec2login open a terminal and issue: npm install -g ec2login


To connect to an EC2 instance type ec2login in a shell and select the instance in the menu. You have to provide the desired AWS region using the AWS_DEFAULT_REGION environment variable or using the --region <region> cli option.

By specifying the option --private you can connect to the private IP of the instance instead of the public one. This is useful if you have a VPN connection to your VPC running the instance.

If you do not want to use the root user you can provide any other user as the first argument to the script:

e.g. ec2login ec2-user

SSH Connection

The SSH connection is opened with StrictHostKeyChecking disabled because of the dynamic nature of the public IP addresses of EC2 instances.

Agent Forwarding is enabled to allow for jumping to other hosts in AWS.


Feel free to open issues, provide code improvements or updates to the documentation.


The script is licensed under the MIT license and provided as-is.