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    Ebay API Node.js

    Ebay API Client for node js.

    The intent is to simplify the request process by handling the tedious logic. It's a thin wrapper around eBay Api.

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    npm install ebay-node-api


    let eBay = require("ebay-node-api");
    let ebay = new eBay({
      clientID: "-- Client APP ID ----",
      env: "SANDBOX", // optional default = 'PRODUCTION'
      headers: {
        // optional
        "X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID": "EBAY_GB" // For Great Britain

    For Country Code and Marketplace id check here


    Check out the Starter Guide documentation with examples to get started.

    Using Express js

    You can consume these ebay node api's using Express. You can checkout the sample app in Codesandbox playground.

    API details

    Without Auth flow

    HTTP Method Methods Description Usage Offical doc
    GET findItemsByKeywords Searches for items on eBay by a keyword query. Example doc
    GET findCompletedItems Searches for items whose listings are completed and are no longer available for sale by category (using categoryId), by keywords (using keywords), or a combination of the two. Example doc
    GET findItemsByProduct Searches for items on eBay using specific eBay product values. Example doc
    GET findItemsAdvanced Searches items on eBay by category or keyword or both. Example doc
    GET getSingleItem Retrieves publicly visible details about one listing on eBay. Example doc
    GET getMultipleItems Retrieves publicly available data for one or more listings. Example doc
    GET getShippingCosts Retrieve estimated shipping cost to ship an active item to a specified destination country and postal code. Example doc
    GET getItemStatus Get item status for given item ids. Example doc
    GET getUserDetails Get User Profile. Example doc
    GET getDeals(Deprecated) Get details about the deals across eBay. Example doc

    With Auth flow

    HTTP Method Methods Description Usage Offical doc
    GET searchItems Searches for eBay items by various query parameters and retrieves summaries of the items. You can search by keyword, category, eBay product ID (ePID), or GTIN, charity ID, or a combination of these. Example doc
    GET getItem Retrieve the complete details of a specific item. Example doc
    GET getItemsByItemGroup Retrieve all the individual items in a group. Example doc
    GET getItemByLegacyId Returns the RESTful item ID, which can then be used in any of other Buy API methods. Example doc
    GET searchByImage Returns the RESTful item ID, which can then be used in any of other Buy API methods. Example doc
    GET getMostWatchedItems Retrieves data for items with the highest watch counts for the entire site or for a specific category. Example doc
    GET getSimilarItems Retrieves recommended similar items for a specified item. Example doc
    GET getItemAspectsForCategory Retrieve an array of aspects that are appropriate for describing items in a specified category. Example doc
    GET getDefaultCategoryTreeId Retrieve the default category tree reference for a specific eBay marketplace. Example doc
    GET getCategoryTree Retrieve the complete category tree for category id. Example doc


    // findItemsBykeyword
        keywords: "Garmin nuvi 1300 Automotive GPS Receiver",
        sortOrder: "PricePlusShippingLowest", //
        pageNumber: 2,
        limit: 10
        data => {
        error => {
    // Get Single item listing on eBay
    ebay.getSingleItem("153265274986").then(data => {
    // Search Items by Keyword
    ebay.getAccessToken().then(data => {
          keyword: "drone",
          limit: "3"
        .then(data => {
          // Data is in format of JSON
          // To check the format of Data, Go to this url (     docs/buy/browse/resources/item_summary/methods/search#w4-w1-w4-SearchforItemsbyKeyword-0)
    // perform Advance Search Items by Keyword or category or both
    // Search Buy It Now ipad items with one day shipping. (
        entriesPerPage: 2,
        keywords: "ipad",
        ExpeditedShippingType: "OneDayShipping",
        ListingType: "AuctionWithBIN"
        data => {
        error => {

    More Examples


    All test files are present inside test folder. You can run using

    npm run test


    If you are facing any issues or missing something, you can create the issues here.

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    I have provided the examples here


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