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An easy method for reading POST data in Node.js web applications. EasyPost supports both form submissions and REST client posts. It also provides a single location for maintaining the code that reads POST data, allowing you to enhance it, such as with checks for flooding attacks, etc.

$ npm install easypost


var easypost = require('easypost');

Reading POST Data From a Form

    easypost.get(req, res, function (data) {
        res.render('index', { txtName: data.txtName });

Reading POST Data From a REST Client

    easypost.get(req, res, function (data) {
        data = JSON.parse(data);
        res.render('index', { txtName: data.txtName });


In the above examples, the first example assumes your form contains the element:

[input type='text' id='txtName' /]

The second example assumes a REST client has posted the following data:

{"txtName": "My Name"}

You can view a tutorial article using EasyPost at


Kory Becker