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    Easy SPL


    Making tokens on Solana easy!


    SPL tokens are difficult to get started with. They function differently from other common blockchain-based tokens. There is no single stateful contract (as in ERC-20 tokens). Tokens aren't even held in a user's root account! Instead a user creates a new account (that their root account has authority over) for each token they want to interact with. Each token contract stores the number of decimals for a mint, but tokens are sent around without reference to the number of decimals. So to send 1 token of a mint with 4 decimals, you need to send 1000 tokens.

    All of this is prone to developer error and diffiult to keep straight when getting started!

    We wanted to develop a library that papers over all of these difficulties. Using Easy SPL, you don't have to think about associated token accounts or decimals! We also include some stateful classes for repeated interactions with a mint or given user wallet.


    See the Documentation for full details

    import * as spl from 'easy-spl'
    const connection = new web3.Connection('', 'confirmed')
    // create accounts and wallets
    const keypairAlice = web3.Keypair.generate()
    const alice = spl.Wallet.fromKeypair(connection, keypairAlice)
    const keypairBob = web3.Keypair.generate()
    const bob = spl.Wallet.fromKeypair(connection, keypairBob)
    // create a new mint controlled by alice with 6 decimals
    const mint = await spl.Mint.create(connection, 6, alice.publicKey, alice)
    // mint 10 tokens to bob
    await mint.mintTo(bob.publicKey, alice, 10)
    // send 5 tokens to alice
    await bob.transferToken(mint.key, alice.publicKey, 5)
    // check bob's balance
    const balance = await mint.getBalance(bob.publicKey)
    // OR
    const balance = await bob.getBalance(mint.key)
    // get mint decimals
    const decimals = await mint.getDecimals()
    // get mint supply (total tokens in circulation
    const supply = await mint.getSupply()

    Connected wallets

    Connected wallets can also be instantiated from any wallet that uses the common Solana wallet interface. For instance, from the solana labs browser wallet-adapter package. Or signers in anchor

    import * as spl from 'easy-spl'
    import { useConnection, useWallet } from "@solana/wallet-adapter-react"
    export default function OurComponent () {
      const wallet = useWallet()
      const { connection } = useConnection()
      const user = spl.Wallet.fromWallet(connection, wallet)

    Txs & Instructions

    Sometimes you need to just format the instructions for something, without sending. In that case you can use the txs & instructions api.

    Note: any function that has the word "raw" in it, refers to addresses in terms of associated token accounts and amounts in terms of integer amounts (multiplied out by the token decimals).

    Each method includes 4-5 variations:

    • instructions: get just the instruction for the operation
    • rawInstructions: get just the instruction, but parameters are given as associated token accounts and integer amounts
    • tx: get the tx for the operation, with recentBlockhash & feePayer filled out
    • signed: get the formatted tx for the operation & sign with the given wallet
    • send: get the signed tx for the operation, send to the network, and wait for confirmation

    See the Documentation for more details.


    # install dependencies
    # build
    yarn build
    # compiler with reloading
    yarn dev
    # test
    yarn test
    # test with reloading
    yarn test:watch
    # docs
    yarn docs
    # lint
    yarn lint




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