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Session file store for Express and Connect. Also you can use it with Koa

Session file store is a provision for storing session data in the session file


Getting Started


$ npm install easy-session-file-store

Running Tests

$ npm install
$ npm test


  • path The directory where the session files will be stored. Defaults to ./sessions
  • ttl Session time to live in seconds. Defaults to 3600
  • retries The number of retries to get session data from a session file. Defaults to 5
  • factor The exponential factor to use for retry. Defaults to 1
  • minTimeout The number of milliseconds before starting the first retry. Defaults to 50
  • maxTimeout The maximum number of milliseconds between two retries. Defaults to 100
  • reapIntervalObject [OUT] Contains intervalObject if reap was scheduled
  • reapInterval Interval to clear expired sessions in seconds or -1 if do not need. Defaults to 1 hour
  • reapAsync use distinct worker process for removing stale sessions. Defaults to false
  • reapSyncFallback reap stale sessions synchronously if can not do it asynchronously. Default to false
  • logFn log messages. Defaults to console.log
  • fallbackSessionFn returns fallback session object after all failed retries. No defaults
  • secret if secret string is specified then enables encryption of the session before writing the file and also decryption when reading it.
  • encryptEncoding Encryption output encoding. Defaults to 'hex'
  • encoding Object-to-text text encoding. Can be null. Defaults to 'utf8'
  • encoder Encoding function. Takes object, returns encoded data. Defaults to JSON.stringify
  • decoder Decoding function. Takes encoded data, returns object. Defaults to JSON.parse
  • fileExtension File extension of saved files. Defaults to '.json'
  • keyFunction Encryption key retrieval function. Takes secret and session id, returns key. Defaults to function(secret, sessionId){return secret + sessionId;}


Express or Connect integration

Due to express >= 4 changes, we need to pass express-session to the function easy-session-file-store exports in order to extend session.Store:

var session = require('express-session');
var FileStore = require('easy-session-file-store')(session);
    store: new FileStore(options),
    secret: 'keyboard cat'

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