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    ⌛ Easy Estimated Read Time

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    Simple estimated medium like read times.

    Features 🔥

    • Less than 4kb! (1.08kb Minified)
    • Zero dependencies!
    • Calculates read time of input string (rounds to closest minute).
    • Pass in plain text / HTML / markdown.
    • Strips all markdown and HTML for better read time estimates.
    • Easy to use! 💪

    Install 🔮

    $ npm i easy-read-time


    $ yarn add easy-read-time

    Usage 💻

    import getReadTime from "easy-read-time";
    getReadTime(text, 200);


    The function takes three arguments the string you wish to get the read time for, the speed of reading the text in words per minute, the default is set to 200 (the average reading time for adults is 250 - 300 words per minute) allowing extra time for viewing of images and other content, and a custom string this field is optional and the default is 'min read', if you pass in 'minute read' formattedString will return '2 minute read'.

    Argument Type Description
    string: required string Input String
    wordTime: optional number Defaults to 200 - Speed of reading the text in Words per Minute
    customString: optional number Default to 'min read' - The text after the duration eg: 2 + 'minute read'


    The method returns an object

    Property Type Description
    duration number Duration of the input string (in minutes)
    roundDuration number Duration of the input string (in minutes) rounded to closest minute
    totalWords number Number of words in the input string
    formattedString string Medium like read time string '2 min read'

    Sample Response

        duration: 2.3,
        roundDuration: 2,
        totalWords: 400,
        formattedString: '2 min read'


    npm i easy-read-time

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