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Easy Connector Bundle

A bundle to easily run an Interledger connector


All the components necessary to operate an ilp-connector in a single process:

  • Connector to connect to the network
  • SPSP server to receive payments
  • MoneyD-GUI to manage the connector

Significantly reduces configuration necessary to run the connector by providing sensible defaults for plugins and most connector options. Configuration for all components are specified in one JSON file.



  1. Install deps
npm install -g easy-connector-bundle
  1. Run for usage instructions:
ecb --help

Example using the Testnet

  1. Initial configuration, prompts you for questions:
ecb configure --testnet
  1. Start connector. Automatically makes ilp-plugin-mini-accounts and ilp-plugin-xrp-asym-server and saves to config:
ecb start
  1. Add a testnet XRP peer:
ecb addAccount -n xrpPeer 

Note: in the server/client prompt, the choice represents your role in the relationship (e.g. choosing server means you are the server).

  1. If you chose server, give your peer the URL returned in the logs of the format btp+ws://<hostname>:<port>. If you have HTTPS set up on your machine, replace btp+ws for btp+wss in the URL. Where hostname is your host/domain name.

  2. Now we can test if we can send packets to our peer. If you set this up on a remote machine, port-forward port 7770 to your local machine, then go to localhost:7770 to access your connector's MoneyD-GUI. Here you should be able to go to the 'ping' tab, and input your peer's ILP address. If the ping succeeds, you are successfully peered!


  • Minimum default config
  • Generate config through cli questions
  • Configuration instructions
  • Inquirer for all other plugins other than ilp-plugin-xrp-paychan
  • Configuration through environment variables
  • Dockerize
  • Terraform script for automatically deploying to cloud provider(s)
  • Integrate ilp-plugin-xrp-hybrid for on-ledger w/o payment channels settlement
  • Integrate connector-peering-service for autopeering
  • Tests




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