node package manager
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git clone
cd eaglepunch
npm install

point eagle at that directory by..

Switch to the Control Panel and open Options->Directories dialog

Add the eaglepunch directory

press ok, and now you are ready to punch the eagle!


Open your board file, and type in the command run eaglepunch

it should show that it finished

now you should have a from-eagle file in the eaglepunch directory.

it looks something like this:

to turn this into json run node eaglepunch/toJSON.js


That is all for now, but in the near future you can expect things like:

  • generate gcode for milling stencils
  • automatic toJSON conversion
  • some way to execute a chain of commands. Personally I'd love to be able to run eaglepunch while hooked up to a grbl controlled cnc machine and it immediately starts milling.