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E621 Thumbnail

Generate image & gif thumbnails for videos from e621. Note this module can take upwards of 15 seconds to generate a single thumbnail, you should not keep things waiting for generated thumbnails. If you absolutely NEED them, you should pregenerate them in bulk.


(any needed temporary files are stored in your operating system's default temporary directory, and are removed once they are no longer needed)

// const genThumbnail = require("e621-thumbnailer");
import genThumbnail from "e621-thumbnailer";

// assuming top level await
// this is specifically the one I used for testing, and it *IS* NSFW
const imageThumb = await genThumbnail("https://static1.e621.net/data/a2/7a/a27a89751f74fa9557a583e71c96538b.webm", "image");
// imageThumb is a buffer of image data, which is the thumbnail
// example: https://thumbs-v2.yiff.media/a27a89751f74fa9557a583e71c96538b.png

const gifThumb = await genThumbnail("https://static1.e621.net/data/a2/7a/a27a89751f74fa9557a583e71c96538b.webm", {
	// defaults
	// the length of the resulting gif, in seconds - increasing this will increase the runtime and SIGNIFICANTLY increase the filesize
	// 2.5 seconds will generally be 40mb, and 5 seconds will be 100+
	gifLength: 2.5,
	// the level of optimization applied to the resulting gif, this will increase the runtime slightly (requires gifsicle to be installed and in your path)
	// * 0 - disabled
	// * 1 - Store only the changed portion of each image.
	// * 2 - Store only the changed portion of each image, and use transparency. (default)
	// * 3 - Try several optimization methods (usually slower, sometimes better results).
	gifOptimizationLevel: 2
// gifThumb is a buffer of image data, which is the thumbnail 
// example: https://thumbs-v2.yiff.media/a27a89751f74fa9557a583e71c96538b.gif


npm i e621-thumbnailer

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