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    Simplify GraphQL stubbing with Dyson 🔧

    Dyson is great at making development simpler when different endpoints provide different responses. However as GraphQL uses the same endpoint for all requests, stubbing requires adding logic and complexity. Especially if you want fast feedback when executing invalid or incomplete GraphQL queries.

    dyson-graphql wraps your stubbed data in the graphql reference implementation for reliable and accurate results.

    Getting Started

    $ yarn add --dev dyson-graphql

    Add a new file to your dyson stubs directory for your GraphQL endpoint, use a schema and stubbed responses to provide a built resolver to the dyson render key;

    const dysonGraphQl = require("dyson-graphql");
    const schema = `
      type User {
        id: Int!
        name: String!
      type Query {
        currentUser: User!
      type Mutation {
        createUser(name: String!): User!
        updateUser(id: Int!, name: String!): User!
    module.exports = {
      path: "/graphql",
      method: "POST",
      render: dysonGraphQl(schema)
        .query("currentUser", { id: 987, name: "Jane Smart" })
        .mutation("createUser", ({ name }) => ({ id: 456, name }))
        .mutation("updateUser", ({ id, name }) => {
          if (id < 1000) {
            return { id, name };
          throw new Error("Can't update user");


    Specify your Dyson path and method properties as normal, for most GraphQL endpoints this will end with /graphql and be a POST method.

    Supply your schema to the default export as above, this is necessary so graphql can validate queries.

    Chain query and mutation for each stubbed GraphQL method.

    • query and mutation methods can have a static response by supplying the response
    • dynamic response by supplying a function (can be used with libraries like faker)
    • errors by supplying a function that throws an error

    Build the resolver by finishing the chain by calling build.

    Provide this the built resolver to the Dyson stub as the render property.




    npm i dyson-graphql

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