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The package is in technical preview status

DynamicsMobile NPM package is a development tool, allowing quick development of mobile and backend apps over the Dynamics Mobile platform with typescript.

Dynamics Mobile - build and run serverless integrated mobile and web (a.k.a backend) business apps without managing infrastructure. Both mobile and backend apps built with Dynamics Mobile framework are built with the same toolchain and integrated by default, which allows easy build of business solutions with separate rich backend UI hosted in the web browser and off-line mobile apps automatically synchronized with the backend apps.

Dynamics Mobile apps can be hosted in a fully managed environment at https://portal.dynamicsmobile.com or deployed over AWS or Azure clouds without the need to maintain different code branches for each cloud provider.

Dynamics Mobile platform is developed and operated by Mobile Affairs LTD, where we build and deploy complex business mobile and backend apps and support thousands of enterprise mobile users daily.

Installing the package

  1. Install via npm:
> npm i -g dynamicsmobile

The package will install a cli, which can be used to initialize new app projects easily.

Please read our Getting Started documentation for next steps

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