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Dynamic Table for Angular

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Online Demo

You can view the table in stackblitz here:


version (1.3.2):


A full demo can be found on the github repository.

Getting Started

1. First you need to install with npm:

Write npm i dynamic-mat-table in your terminal to install the package

2. After installation you need to include DynamicMatTableModule in your module imports:

import { DynamicMatTableModule } from 'dynamic-mat-table';
imports: [

How Use The Table

Creating the table html element

first you need to write the html element like so:


Full Specification:


by binding the properties you can set columns, set the table settings , set a datasource and more to the table

Setting the columns

to set the columns you first need to import TableField and creat a porpery that takes this type as an arry like so:

import { TableField } from 'dynamic-mat-table'
export class MyTable {
  columns:TableField<any>[] = [];

then you can set each column as an object of this arry

const colusmnsConfig:TableField<any>[] = [
    name: 'column-one',  //this is a key for data
    header: 'column-one', //this is the name displayed
    type:'number', //type of the data

The full column type is defined as follow:

export interface TableField<R extends TableRow> extends AbstractField {
    classNames?: string;
    rowClass?: string | AtClassFunc;
    customSortFunction?: AtSortFunc<R>;
    customFilterFunction?: AtSortFunc<R>;
    toPrint?: ToPrint;
    toExport?: ToExport;
export interface AbstractField {
    index?: number;
    name: string; //data  key
    type?: FieldType; //data type
    width?: number; //width of the column
    header?: string; //displayed name of the column
    isKey?: boolean; // turn column in to unique key column 
    inlineEdit?: boolean; // allows column to have inline edit
    display?: FieldDisplay; // allow column to be hidden or visible
    sticky?: FieldSticky; // allow column to stick in horizontal scrolling
    filter?: FieldFilter; // sets data filtering mode(none: hidden filter button)
    sort?: FieldSort; // set data sorting mode( none: hidden sort button)
    cellClass?: string; // set a class for column cells
    cellStyle?: any; //set a style for column cells
    icon?: string; // displays a mat-icon in column header
    iconColor?: string; // set a color for column header icon
    dynamicCellComponent?: any; // set the component used in column cells
    draggable?: boolean; // allows column to be rearranged with drag and drop 
    // filterable?: boolean; // allows column to filter its data (shows filter button)
    clickable?: boolean; // allows column to have a function when clicked
    clickType?: 'cell' | 'label' | 'custom'; // sets the click ability region
    printable?: boolean; // allows column to print its data
    exportable?: boolean; // allows column data to be exported
    enableContextMenu?: boolean; // enables context menu in columns
    rowSelectable?: boolean; // Coming soon...
    footer?: FooterCell[]; // creates footers for column
    cellEllipsisRow?: number; // maximum number of cells shown before ellipses 
    cellTooltipEnable?: boolean; // allows column cell to have a tooltip
    headerEllipsisRow?: number;  // maximum number of rows shown in column before ellipses
    headerTooltipEnable?: boolean; // allows column header to have a tooltip
    option?: any; // a spacial object for storing data state (like saving in inline edit)
    categoryData?: any[]; // Coming soon...
    toString?: (column: TableField<any>, row: TableRow) => string; // turns column data to a string (used mostly for exporting data)
    customSort?: (column: TableField<any>, row: any) => string; // allows you customize data sorting in column

Ceateing a data source

after setting the columns you need to set the data you want to use in your table.

Your data source must be a BehaviourSubject<any[]>

so in order to creat a data source you must do so like wise:

import { BehaviourSubject } from 'rx-js';
type dataType = {...};

const data:dataType[] = [
  { "row": 1, "name": "Element #4", "weight": "65 KG", "color": "Magenta", "brand": "Zanjan Benz", "type": "Van" }, ...];
export class MyTable implements OnInit {

  public dataSource$: BehaviorSubject<any[]>;




Configureing the table settings

next thing is configuring the table settings.

to do so we need to create a property that takes the TableSetting type like so:

import { TableSetting } from 'dynamic-mat-table';
export class MyTable {
  settings:TableSettings = {};

then we can set the values of this object to customize our table.

For Exmaple:

const tableSettinsConfig:TableSetting = {
  direction: 'ltr',
  visibleActionMenu: actionMenu,
  rowStyle: {
    'background-color': '#70e181',
    color: 'ffffff',
  alternativeRowStyle: {
    'background-color': 'afafaf',
    color: '55fab3',
  autoHeight: true,

the full interface is described below:

export interface TableSetting {
    direction?: Direction; // sets the directopn of the table
    columnSetting?: AbstractField[]; // 
    visibleActionMenu?: VisibleActionMenu; // configures the actoin menu 
    visibleTableMenu?: boolean; // controls the table men's visablity 
    alternativeRowStyle?: any; // sets a style for the odd rows
    normalRowStyle?: any; // sets a style for the even rows
    scrollStrategy?: TableScrollStrategy; // sets a scroll strategy
    rowStyle?: any; //
    enableContextMenu?: boolean; // controls the context menu visablity
    autoHeight?: boolean; // allows the table to automaticly controls its height
    saveSettingMode?: 'simple' | 'multi' | 'none'; // controls the saving mode
    settingName?: string; // name for the setting 
    settingList?: TableSetting[]; //
    currentSetting?: string; //

Adding a paginator

adding a paginator is just like columns and setting.

first we add the Property with the TablePagination type then we configure it like so:

import { TablePagination } from 'dynamic-mat-table';
export class MyTable {
  pagination:TablePagination = {};

the full description for the TablePagination is as below:

export interface TablePagination {
    length?: number; // total number of data records 
    pageIndex?: number; // initial page
    pageSize?: number; // number of rows in each page
    pageSizeOptions?: number[]; // page ination options
    showFirstLastButtons?: boolean; // controls the first/last button display

How to add international

to support new language you must declare new class and implement LanguagePack for example this is persian language:

import { MatPaginatorIntl } from "@angular/material/paginator";
import {
} from "dynamic-mat-table";
export class PersionLanguage implements LanguagePack {
  constructor() {}

  menuLabels: MenuLabels = {
    saveData: "ذخیره داده ها ",
    columnSetting: "تنظیمات ستون ها ",
    saveTableSetting: "ذخیره  تنظیمات جدول",
    clearFilter: "فیلتر را پاک کنید",
    jsonFile: "Json فایل",
    csvFile: "CSV فایل",
    printTable: "چاپ جدول",
    filterMode: "نوع فیلتر",
    filterLocalMode: "محلی",
    filterServerMode: "سرور",
    sortMode: "حالت مرتب سازی",
    sortLocalMode: "سمت کاربر",
    sortServerMode: "سمت سرور",
    printMode: "حالت چاپ",
    printYesMode: "بله",
    printNoMode: "خیر",
    pinMode: "حالت پین ",
    pinNoneMode: "هیچ کدام",
    pinStartMode: "شروع",
    pinEndMode: "پایان",

  paginatorLabels: MatPaginatorIntl = {
    changes: null,
    itemsPerPageLabel: "ایتم های هر صفحه:",
    nextPageLabel: "صفحه بعدی:",
    previousPageLabel: "صفحه قبلی:",
    firstPageLabel: "اولین صفحه:",
    lastPageLabel: "آخرین صفحه:",
    getRangeLabel: (page: number, pageSize: number, length: number) => {
      if (length === 0 || pageSize === 0) {
        return `0 از ${length}`;
      length = Math.max(length, 0);
      const startIndex = page * pageSize;
      const endIndex =
        startIndex < length
          ? Math.min(startIndex + pageSize, length)
          : startIndex + pageSize;
      return `${startIndex + 1} - ${endIndex} از ${length}`;

  tableLabels: TableLabels = {
    NoData: "هیچ رکوردی پیدا نشد",

  filterLabels: FilterLabels = {
    Clear: "پاک کردن",
    Search: "جستجو",
    And: "و",
    Or: "یا",
    /* Text Compare */
    Text: "متن",
    TextContains: "دربرگرفتن",
    TextEmpty: "خالی بودن",
    TextStartsWith: "شروع شدن با",
    TextEndsWith: " پایان گرفتن با",
    TextEquals: "مساوی بودن",
    TextNotEmpty: "خالی نبودن",
    /* Number Compare */
    Number: "تعداد",
    NumberEquals: "مساوی",
    NumberNotEquals: "مساوی نبودن",
    NumberGreaterThan: " بزرگ تر از",
    NumberLessThan: "کم تر از ",
    NumberEmpty: "خالی بودن",
    NumberNotEmpty: "خالی نبودن",
    /* Category List Compare */
    CategoryContains: "در برگرفتن",
    CategoryNotContains: "در بر نگرفتن",
    /* Boolean Compare */
    /* Date Compare */

and passed this class to grid so :

providers: [{ provide: TableIntl, useFactory: languageIntl }];


export function languageIntl() {
  return new PersionLanguage();

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